Toybox: VW Camper Van Play Tent from The Monster Factory

Okay, I'll admit I'm a bit biased. My very first car was a Pink 1965 Volkswagon van, and even though it wasn't in great condition and it broke down all the time, I loved it. So, when I saw The Monster Factory's play tents I immediately wanted one.  

First, it's waterproof, perfect for outdoor play even in the rainy Spring season, which also makes spilled drinks and other clean-ups easy. It only takes a minute or so to set up (even young kids could easily do it themselves), and it folds down into a cute bag designed to look like a spare tire. The front windshield opens up, allowing a view to the outside and a fresh breeze, and it's roomy enough to share.

The thing that I love most about the play tent is it's invitation to imagine. I remember having a strange relationship with cars when I was young. Of course they were very familiar to me as I rode in one every day, but they seemed very much attached to the adult world, a source and symbol of grown-up power. The Monster Factory has made a space for kids to take their own adventures, whether small, like trips to friends' or family members' homes, or wild journeys culled from the realms of make believe. When it's not in use it's a great place to stow toys or to hide from with siblings with a book.

The VW Camper Van Play Tent is a great toy for the park, the beach, the backyard, or the bedroom; see where your little one will go.