We Made This: Peekaboo Fridge

We love to receive letters here at Night & Day Studios, and recently quite a few people have taken time to tell us how much they love Peekaboo Fridge. Stories from our users make us happy, because we love these apps as well. Peekaboo Fridge was the first addition to the Peekaboo family after Peekaboo Barn became an international standard for interactive, educational games designed for toddlers. 

Peekaboo Fridge was a logical extension, because it carries the cause and effect value of the original into a more familiar environment for young people. Along with new vocabulary words, kids learn about healthy food choices in a fun and friendly environment. The signature bright colors, happy faces, and cheerful music make eating whole foods a delightful experience for everyone.  

Who knows, maybe once the door closes, every refrigerator drops a disco ball while fruits, veggies, and dairy products party down.