Toybox: Yummy Nummies

It might be easy to think of Yummy Nummies as a new phenomenon in the toy market, or even a logical extension from items like the Easy Bake Oven or the Girl Scout Cookie Oven. These playful treats are in fact rooted in an underground toy culture that has been steadily growing in Japan where extremely complicated kits are sold to make all kinds of goodies from ramen and dumplings, to hamburgers and cakes. A company named Kracie has long lead the industry and their products have often required a special order for those outside of Japan, and many of their kits are far too complicated for little users.

Yummy Nummies has run with the idea, creating a simplified toy kit that even very little children can enjoy, while older kids can learn about chemical reactions, patience, and the triumphs and failures of cooking at home. The product line includes gummy candies, waffles, pizza, pretzels, among many other selections, and most require little more than mixing the products and placing them into molds (some products take a few seconds in the microwave, but very few, indeed). Mixing bowls, measuring scoops, and cooking trays are all included with the kit and it is likely a good decision to pick up more than one, because you will want to join in the fun.

Let's lift the ban, and start playing with our food together.