Thank You Friends

We are quite proud that the website Teachers with Apps featured our BabyLit: Jungle Book Hide and Seek. If you are not familiar with their work, allow us to recommend a visit; Teachers with Apps consistently provides thoughtful reviews and curates the crowded app market with a unique, instructional perspective. It's an honor to be chosen by teachers, and the review has us close to blushing. From the site:

"This is an extraordinary intro to classic literature, and how the English language is used as well as teaching attention and attention to detail. These are both critical areas for readers to discriminate salient features when looking at an object/future word. An absolutely in depth parents and teachers section will introduce the characters and the story line, and this is one app that playing it before introducing it to children is a bonus. 

I use their apps daily and can’t recommend them enough. The graphics and narration are tight, and their love for children’s self discovery is ever evolving."

It might go without saying that we at Night & Day Studios love and respect teachers, but still it should be said (in fact some of us are teachers ourselves!). Thank you Teachers with  Apps, and thank you to all the grownups and kids who help us make lovely learning experiences for the people you love.