Kid Made Modern Comes To Life

Staff writer Chris Wrenn

This week I took it on myself to make a craft from the Kid Made Modern book we keep in our office. I chose the Iced Tee project, and (warning to grown-ups!) I spent several hours scrubbing dye out of the carpet in the office once all was said and done. I figured that because I basically have the motor skills of a child it was a natural choice for me to make something from a book for kids. I had a great time and when I wore one of the shirts yesterday I got loads of compliments. 

I started with green dye, a plain v-neck shirt, rubber gloves, a stick, some chairs, and an aluminum pan. 

The bottom of the shirt rested in the dye for five minutes, then the middle for three, and the top for two more minutes up to the sleeves. Next I rinsed the shirts out in the bathroom sink of our office, which likely caused some user error. I came to see that the joy of these kinds of projects is in the mistakes; the things I did badly are some of my favorite parts of the shirts. I made two, and here are the final results along with the starting point.

I can tell you this: I will wear these green shirts and they were worth every minute of scrubbing the office floors. Thank you for the great idea, Kid Made Modern!