Music Monday: What Takes You Home?

Staff writer Chris Wrenn:

This week I asked several of my co-workers and friends a question that turns out to be a tricky one: What song reminds you of home? Before I took the time to consider it myself I thought it a simple question, but then I began to hear people explain the disparate meanings that the word "home" can represent. Some chose songs that mention the place they were born, others chose songs their parents played when they were young, some thought of the music that fills the home they have made with their families. 

To celebrate the Android release of the DreamWorks Home Movie App, we've put together a selection of some of our favorites choices. If you share a song that makes you think of your home (whatever that may mean) with us on our Facebook page, we will add it to the playlist so we can make an evolving reflection of all of our homes. Let's go home together.

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