A First Person View of Peekaboo Farm Day

Staff writer Chris Wrenn

This week I spent a day with my nephew; he is fifteen months old and my favorite piece of the world. He has wavy blonde hair and eyes that are too blue to believe; I love the little guy. We went to the zoo (he loved the gazelles and bobcats), and later we read books together, played with puzzles, and shared snacks.

In the evening, when he began to get a bit fussy his mother pulled up Peekaboo Barn Farm Day; he is a bit young for the games so he needs help, but he loves the app. 

When I joined the Night & Day Studios' team, Peekaboo Barn Farm Day was just being finished. I thought the app was cool on the whole, but miking the cow grossed me out. I didn't like it all, but when I was with my nephew it was by far his favorite part of the farm. He giggled and pointed and played, so I've come around to the cow. I still think it's a bit weird, but it makes my friend happy and that is all I need.