Another Inside View: BabyLit Jungle Book Hide and Seek

Over the next few weeks we'll be talking to the Night & Day Studios' team about our newest app  release, BabyLit Jungle Book Hide and Seek. We will all be answering the same questions, but will no doubt have very different answers. Today, Graphic Designer Alan Wasem shares his thoughts.

Let’s start with the positive: What is your favorite thing about the app?

My favorite thing about this app is when I am moving through the jungle. Even though I have a pretty good idea where all the animals are, because I placed them there, it's still exciting to be walking around the room searching for my favorite ones. The randomizer always shows different areas of the jungle, so even if I hear the sounds and see the respective background color I really can’t be sure what I will find.

The play function of this app is something of a new feature for Night & Day Studios in its virtual element. What was the biggest challenge you faced during production?

For me, the hardest part was organizing all the leafy jungle elements. We tried hard to give the jungle “depth of field” so it would really feel like you were searching. Allison provided us with so much great art that it was a challenge to match the different leaves with the backgrounds as they fade into each other without making it really obvious what was going on. This proved pretty difficult because as we added in all the different environments the file size got pretty large and effected the performance. That's where the organizational part really helped Justin, our developer, re-use assets without having multiple copies of each leaf floating around.

What is it like creating a digital life for a vision that already exists — in this case, Gibb Smith’s BabyLit, who already had an established aesthetic and idea? Does that present a greater challenge or does it take some pressure off of the creation process?

In this case I think it took some of the pressure off. Like I said, because we already had a great visual aesthetic from Allison Oliver and adorable characters from Kipling we were off to a great start right away. Usually we have to tackle that part before we even get to the technical part of building the game.

Who is your favorite character from The Jungle Book and why?

My fav is definitely KAA. Because he is so old, he is a a great mentor and a friend to Mowgli. Also, I’m a little afraid of snakes normally so its good for me to keep in mind that they’re not all scary and dangerous!