Jungle Book Hide and Seek: Play, Read, Learn

Parents love the BabyLit series that reimagines classic literature for children, and with good reason. The books by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver are beautiful, creative, and fun. Here at Night & Day Studios, we have loved our friendship with the people there, and our newest app, BabyLit Jungle Book Hide and Seek, is no exception. 

There are several features to this app for kids and grown-ups both to love. First, it introduces children to a classic piece of literature with a read-along story mode (with a grown-up, passcode protected telling for parents who might need a more detailed version should their child have questions). It also has an "Animal Facts" section that gives children an introduction to each of the major characters in Kipling's collection. Of course there are no in-app purchases to cause trouble.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of all though is the game-play. The design is lovely, and interactions with the game are as fun as they are educational. In play mode, the user has two choices: players can hold their device up and move it up and down and side to side to search for animals (tigers, monkeys, elephants and more) that are hiding in the lush jungle. Younger players, who might find this virtual mode more difficult, can swipe through the jungle in their searches just as easily. When an animal is discovered in the jungle, children will see an animation, learn what kind of animal it is ("Peacock!"), and see a quote about the animal from the original tale.

We hope you'll love the app as much as we do, and we're pretty sure you will.