Music Monday: Jungle Book

We are quite proud of the work we've done with our newest app, BabyLit Jungle Book Hide and Seek. It's an undeniably beautiful exploration game that keeps to our mission of maintaining educational components in a fun environment.

Last week I sent the app to several of my friends as a gift so they could see what we had been working on, what I'd been talking about, and I got some great reviews from their kids. My favorite one though was from a friend who told me that his daughter loved the app so much that she became curious about Kipling's story and so they have been reading it together the last few evenings. There is a lot of speculation that digital media is bad for children, but this story reaffirmed our belief that the right approach to creating and constructing digital products opens a door to curiosity, exploration, and education.

This week's playlist is a celebration of The Jungle Book and the animals (and friends) one might find there.

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