Follow Me Home with the DreamWorks Home Movie App

We loved the film Home in part because the idea of home is universal. For some of us, the word reminds us of the place where we grew up, while others might think of the homes that we've made ourselves. The new DreamWorks Home Movie App combines those concepts; your Boov explores a strange land and discovers silly comforts as he gathers the objects he needs to build a spaceship to make his way back to his home. Animations, experiments, and searches abound in this game, as players navigate shops and stands, dance floors and city streets.

As with all of Night & Day Studios' apps, the game is explorative, non-competitive, and untimed -- kids can play in their own way and at their own pace -- and as always there are no in-app purchases. Explore Paris and learn about diversity of thinking with your Boov (pay attention though, there are secrets hiding all around you).