Music Monday: Cool Down

Here in Portland we've had an unusually hot set of seasons; typically our Springs are overcast with occasional drizzle that taper out into a late Summer. In the years I've lived here, most people don't really think to use that word, "Summer", until late June. However, this year April was fairly warm and the months have steadily gotten hotter and dryer from there.

Among my friends, opinions are divided: some love the extended time for beaches and farms, rivers and campsites, while others simply think the ninety to one hundred degree range is too hot. I for one am somewhere in the middle -- I'm having a great deal of fun this summer jumping in rivers, sleeping outdoors, and eating hard-packed ice cream at festivals, but there are nights I've lain awake, too dang hot to sleep.

This week's playlist is designed to bring a bit of a cool blast to your summer, and we hope you enjoy.

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