Music Monday: It's About Time

Staff writer Chris Wrenn

This is the Peekaboo Barn clock that hangs in our office, and when I look at it I always remember learning to read time when I was a kid. My teacher had a clock face made from posterboard with spinning hands that she set to different times to quiz us. She did a great job (thanks Mrs. Davis), but it took me some time to understand.

I think the reason that particular lesson still stands out in my mind more than most is because the concept itself, not the mechanism or the way to read it, confused me back then. I remember thinking "It's right now", when I heard an older person ask the time. The hour, the minutes, never mattered. Looking back, I think there might have been some wisdom in that mindset, because right now -- where I am -- it's right now. So this week's playlist is a celebration of time, and we invite you to rock around the clock with us.

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