Thank A Teacher

Our Graphic Designer, Alan, on Teacher Appreciation Week.

The most memorable and influential teachers in my life have shown me how to be confident in my thoughts, my work and myself. The thing I appreciate most about my teachers is their ability to let me fail gracefully. They would encourage me In a unique way where they would stop me before I embarrassed myself, but allow me to explore and experiment unrestricted. By the end, more often then not, we would both be surprised and excited about the outcome. They showed me how to learn and not what to learn. Thank you to all the teachers in my life! to my wife Kristie; to my grandmas Faye Frable, Delores Herbst, to my HS photo teacher Nikki Stager; to the art staff at NACC and PSU, and the creative writing staff at Temple U.

Share thoughts about your favorite teachers with us; they deserve all the respect we can possibly think to give.