Tuesday: Toys We Love

In my office I have a lot of toys, games, and books; the most prominent display though is a Playmobil setup. It is a train that runs around a beach where people sail and camp. In fact, we have Playmobil toys throughout the office: a Farris Wheel and a teacup ride, cars and carnival stands. 

The popularity of Playmobil was always something of a mystery to me until we made the lake in my office (it's a thin, blue plastic made for film lighting); suddenly I understood the unique way that the toys intersect reality and imagination.  The detail in design makes the boats, the swing sets, whatever it may be, real enough to imagine as part of the world, their simplicity makes them approachable even for young children. Plus, the tent I take on camping trips looks exactly like the toy in the office, except mine is colored red, so they speak to actuality as well as nostalgia.

Maybe I'll never have a sailboat with a back deck, but Playmobil lets me be in that place for a little while. I'm heading to the lake.