Read: Cause & Effect

Staff writer Chris Wrenn

Today I came across an article over at that explores the way children learn cause and effect skills. The interesting thing to me about the piece is its conversation about the motivations toddlers have for exploring this learning process: curiosity and agency. 

Cause and effect leaning is rooted in a natural desire to explore and understand how one action creates another. Grown-ups understand this; for instance, here in Portland we have several interactive art installations around town, and as I walk or bike through the city I see adults playing with the art, delighted by the outcome. 

The other reason the article points to is that children love the realization that they can change and control the world around them. The natural instinct then, is to find out how much they can change in their environment. 

At both of these stages, the Peekaboo Party collection can help create digital manipulation skills while teaching young children that their actions have consequences. It's the very reason Night & Day Studios was started nine years ago, and we are still committed to teaching children in ways that make learning fun.