Games We Love: Pallino

The Night & Day Studios’ office is crowded with toys; we have games, building sets, plush figures, trains, remote controlled cars, and rocking horses – you name it and it might be here. These toys aren’t just for display either; we play in our offices because we never lost our love of imagination (okay, sometimes we might just be goofing off). Also, because we create games ourselves, we spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a game or toy work, and what kids actually learn from playing with it.

One of my favorites in the office is the Pallino Colorful Mosaic game, made by Quercetti. It’s a challenging, meditative game in which players match small marbles to patterns using a series of keys in order to create a unique design. The play board is simple, yet beautiful, and it teaches kids basic mechanical skills, color and pattern matching, and most of all, patience.

This last one is what I love about the game. I’m an impatient person; in fact, I often lose patience with myself about my impatience. Pallino forces a player to take some time, give up on quick frustrations, and enjoy the interaction with the game as much as the goal. If you ask me, that’s a good lesson for grown-ups.