Apps we love: Moonbot Studios' Moonbeeps: Fireflies

Staff writer, Chris Wrenn on Moonbot Studios' app Moonbeeps: Fireflies.

There are few things that I regret about moving to the Pacific NorthWest; the area is beautiful, the people are friendly and engaging, and there is always a fun event going on in the city. However, when summer moves in I find myself missing fireflies.

I grew up in a rural part of the SouthEast and have memories of summers spent chasing after small lights in the sky, humid nights filled with yellow-green flashes that flickered out as soon as they were found. I'm not much given to nostalgia, but this one is there, a spark in my chest.

That's why I love Moonbeeps : Fireflies. It's an undeniably lovely app, removed from competition, and an oddly serene game experience. The only goal of the app is to play, and playing is fun. Check it out and see what you can catch.