This week our Creative Director, Brianne Baker, shares her Home Screen. For those who might miss it, the background image here is from the game Mouse Trap (Hasbro). We'd love it if you shared your home screen (if you are brave enough) on our Facebook page and tell us why you've organized it in the way you have.

When I showed my coworkers my Home Screen capture, their reactions were uniformly those of shock and confusion. They couldn’t believe how busy it was, how many folders I had, how many notifications appeared, and so on. I spent a few days thinking about their reactions and I realized that perhaps what my Home Screen says about me is:

1. I love apps. I own over 500 hundred of them, which I think is a lot. I check Apple’s features every Thursday, the hour they come out. I download anything that I think looks interesting, whether it’s for kids or adults. And, I play with my digital toys daily.

2. I am messy. There is an underlying organizational method to my madness (technically most of my apps are in folders), but whether at home or at work a lot of stuff seems to appear around me and I guess I like it that way.

3. I am lazy. I use Spotlight Search for almost everything. A quick swipe down with my thumb and they typing of a couple of letters usually gets me what I want.