Counting Down

We're counting down to Valentine's Day with our adorable, printable cards. Staff Writer Chris Wrenn shares his thoughts.

When I think of Valentine’s Day cards, the first thing that comes to mind is the “I Love Lisa” episode of The Simpsons (written by Frank Mula) in which Lisa gives Ralph Wiggum a card, only to break his heart in the end. There are a few things that make this episode iconic: it complicates Lisa’s usual do-good nature by showing her selfish side, it offers a rare opportunity to see Ralph’s odd wisdom, and it illustrates the strange importance that children place on Valentine’s Day cards. If you don’t remember the show, Lisa gives Ralph a card that says, “I Choo-Choo Choose You” along with a picture of a train, because she feels badly that no one gave him anything.

He takes it all too seriously.

Besides all the great laughs in the episode, what really resonates to me is the importance of that card. I remember being young and measuring the politics of Valentine’s Day cards — who received cards from whom, who was snubbed, and most importantly, who snubbed me.

In some ways, a card tells us that we have been seen and noticed by others, that someone cares, that we have people in our corner in the world. It doesn’t matter what the card looks like or says, only that it is given and taken with a smile.

For those who need a last minute opportunity to share their love, Night & Day Studios has you covered with these cute, printable cards perfect for passing on to friends. It’s a small gesture, sure, but a great way to show you care. "Choo-Choo Choose" someone with Peekaboo Barn this weekend!