Paper Purrls

There are often children in the Night & Day Studios office, whether playing with toys, testing our apps, reading books, or touring for a field trip. It’s always fun to have kids around as they keep us thinking young ourselves. Hazel, our founder’s daughter, is the child we see around most often. She is eight years old, stunningly smart, and really great at making up games. We always love it when she comes over after school because we get an excuse to step away from the desk and play with toys for a while and still call it work.

Recently, our Creative Director, Brianne, brought a book into the office that taught basic origami skills, and I spent an afternoon hour with Hazel folding paper. She chose to make cat faces and we made them in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. For those who have never tried, origami is a great way to spend time with the little ones in your life; it teaches patience and creativity with all the cost of a sheet of paper.

As we folded, laughed and talked, I was reminded of one of my favorite children’s books, Sadake and Thousand Paper Cranes, a story too sad to recount here. Nonetheless, I left playtime thinking about the power of literature to transform a simple experience into a reflection on hope and loss, friendship and love. A little piece of paper can go a long way.