Farm Day is Here!

Peekaboo Barn Farm Day offers a new way to play with your favorite barnyard friends! This nurturing game lets kids (ages 3-6) interact with the beloved animals of Peekaboo Barn—milk the cow, shear the sheep, and feed the pigs and chickens their favorite foods. Boys and Girls will love scrubbing the dirty animals and petting their barnyard buddies to sleep at night.

Find out what the adorable animals of Peekaboo Barn are doing on the farm in this lovingly designed app, and have a share in the fun. Available today, here for US customers and on iTunes App Stores around the world.


·      Your favorite characters from Peekaboo Barn

·      New characters to get to know

·      Tons of hidden features to discover as you play

·      Exciting animation, sounds, and interactions

·      Carefully researched games that teach kids about animals as they play

·      Kid-friendly design and development

·      Pressure-free interactions and games that encourage curiosity

·      No in-app purchases


·      Tap the stars to wake up the rooster and the entire farm

·      Drag your finger over muddy animals to clean them

·      Drag your finger over furry animals to shear them

·   Drag the sun to make it set. Then pet the animals in the barn to put them to sleep

·   Tap the cow’s udder to milk the cow

·   Tap the animals to see what they want to eat, and then drag the foods they like to feed them.

·      Explore the farm to find hidden experiences along the way

Peekaboo Barn Farm Day available now. Enjoy!


Member of the Press? Download the Peekaboo Barn Farm Day Press Kit.