Celebration Sale! Caillou

We are so excited about the positive feedback from the Peekaboo Barn board book, Peekaboo Barn Farm Day, and our new partnership with the Gibbs Smith BabyLit series that we decided to have a sale. This week we'll be featuring some of our favorite apps from the Night & Day Studios collection at reduced prices as part of our continuing launch party. Stay tuned throughout the week to see what we feature, because we love being part of your kids' playtime and know that nothing beats a deal. 

Our first price reduction is the popular Caillou's World app, a great companion to the popular series first introduced by Christine L'Heureux and Hélène Desputeaux. Here, your child can learn letter and word recognition in a familiar setting and see the world come to life as they select the letters that correspond with sounds. As children first enter the familiar scenes from Caillou's Life (his playground or attic, for example) the scenes will be in drawn in basic black outlines, the way coloring books are. As players explore, an element of the scene -- maybe a toy, an object, or an animal -- will light up, prompting kids to touch it. As children match letter names with objects ("Box" starts with the letter "B" for instance) the scene comes to life in a lovely, rewarding way. Watch how the learning unfolds in the great image below!