Peekaboo World Tour: Forest

This week’s feature in the Peekaboo tour takes us into the woods with Peekaboo Forest.

The forest is a fixture in children’s literature; Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping Beauty all spent time there. It’s no wonder – forests are places of mystery, their seeming chaos the antithesis of human order. They are places of life, where mysteries hide among the branches.

I grew up in rural Tennessee and my older brother and I spent hours trying to lose ourselves in the woods that bordered our house. We knew them too well; each time we veered from the path we’d stomped down over the years, eventually we would find the creek that ran along the county road or the forked tree that pointed toward home. There were times though, say when we chased a snake, a rabbit, or a mockingbird, and we felt as removed from walls as the forest inevitably is.

With the amazing artwork of Charley Harper*, Peekaboo Barn invites children into that world of exploration and discovery. The beautiful illustrations, interesting animals, and authentic sounds easily make this my favorite Peekaboo app, and its tour through the seasons creates the opportunity for children to learn about animals’ habits and behaviors.

Recommended by Design Mom, coolhunting, and appcrawlr to name a few, Peekaboo Forest is a welcome excursion from the barn, with new friends, experiences, and discoveries waiting for children to find. See who will meet you on a hike with Night & Day Studios.


* Click here to learn more about Charley Harper and his lovely, minimalist art.

Stay tuned this week to learn about an exciting new expansion of the Peekaboo World: Night & Day Studios' Peekaboo Barn Farm Day. An interactive game where players can shear sheep, milk cows, and feed their favorite barnyard friends, Farm Day offers kids a new way to play with the animals they love.