It’s no secret that we love to see children having fun with Night & Day Studios’ apps and books. Look us up on youtube and you’ll see hundreds of videos of families playing Peekaboo Barn, Peekaboo Fridge, or Peekaboo Sesame Street.

This Spring, a lifelong friend of mine had her first child, a gorgeous little guy named Owen. He’s a few months old now, so she has started reading the Peekaboo Barn board book with him, taking time to explore the animals together and play out their sounds. It is a delight to watch him smile and wave his arms as she exaggerates the cow’s “Moo” or the “Quack” of the duck. I love knowing that when he gets older, he will venture into our apps and have a great time with these same friends (especially since the book comes with a free download of the app).

This is what drives us at Night & Day Studios, providing fun ways that encourage learning in a safe, exploratory environment. We hope you’ll share your stories and videos with us, and we promise to keep sending new discoveries your way.

PB Doors open.jpeg