Peekaboo Barn Farm Day—Behind the Scenes, part 1

We love the artwork for Peekaboo Barn Farm Day, and along with the creator, Nathan Tabor, artist and animator Corey Lunn helped make it come alive. Corey was kind enough to share a few of his early illustrations, along with a short piece about how he came to work in animation and illustration.

I was born in the Northeastern corner of New York state in 1975.  I graduated high school, and then college with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from Alfred University in 1998.  While there, I studied sculpture for the most part, but began to realize I was in the wrong medium towards the end of my junior year.  I stuck it out until graduation, however, and immediately after returning home, I took a job working at a lumberyard. I was quickly prepped for management by some company higher-ups, who failed to realize the meaninglessness of my diploma in the field.  My fellow coworkers, who had been working there for decades without promotion, saw this happening and were rightfully upset by it. Seeing as this was one of the few decent job prospects in my small hometown, I decided pretty quickly to get out of there and move to a city.  Two of my friends had recently moved to Portland, Oregon. This was really the only criteria I remember using when deciding to move. Other than the fact that it was big enough to support a professional basketball team, I knew almost nothing about Portland before I got here.    

About a year after I moved to Portland, I took a job working as a sign painter.  One year of sign painting taught me more about design and technique than four years of art school. I loved it and thought that I had found my profession, but I eventually started to notice some health problems that came with the toxic paint and solvents used in the shop. I quit sign painting completely in 2007.  During the last two years of my duration as a sign painter I started exploring other options as a freelance artist, mostly illustration, but also commissioned portrait painting and vintage print and poster restoration. I barely supported myself with odd jobs in these fields until an animator friend that I had been playing basketball with hired me on as a character designer and animator for a lengthy animated cartoon project. I had zero experience doing frame-by-frame animation beforehand.  My friend taught me the basics on the job, and the rest I figured out by going back and slowing down rented DVDs of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. I worked on that job for about four years and have since been animating and illustrating for Night & Day Studios.

In my free time I work on my own comics and drawings, and co-edit a small art and comics paper called Free Spirit News.  I like playing basketball and poker with my pals, and enjoy hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.