Peekaboo World Tour: Presents

Our next exploration in the Peekaboo world tour brings a little bit of winter to cool your summer months: our writer Chris Wrenn on Peekaboo Presents.

The offices of Night & Day Studios look something like a toy store—each room is filled with games and books, stuffed animals and figurines, model cars and the tracks they race on. In my office alone, I have a train set, a toy ukulele, a camping adventure collection, a Lumpy Space Princess figure, a gyroscope, toy boats floating on a fake lake, wooden birds, and a collection of literature written for kids in board-book form. As such, Peekaboo Presents was a natural app for Night & Day Studios to make, because we never stopped loving toys.

When I play Peekaboo Presents, I’m reminded of the sense of wonder, discovery, and surprise that accompany children through life. It’s easy to forget those feelings sometimes as grown-ups, but the iconic toys, whimsical designs, and pop-up interactions provide a window into those years. When I see the rocking horse, I think of the old wooden horse that was passed down from sibling to sibling in my family (it also, perhaps morbidly, makes me think of Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner”). The teddy bear recalls the teddy bear quilt my great-grandmother sewed with fur made from felt, and the doll reminds me of my sister’s odd mix of ceramic antiques and corn-cob dolls, mixed in with her newer plastic models.

Of course kids love the surprise of opening a present in the game, guessing which toy might appear by its unique sound, and seeing favorite toys come to life. It’s a fun way for kids to learn cause and effect, letter recognition, and basic reading skills with lively additions like dancing pajamas. In storybook mode, the game finishes with Santa and the presents sleeping, making it a perfect addition to a child’s nighttime ritual.

Children have the gift of discovery, while adults have the gift of memory. If we’re lucky, or determined enough we get to choose the filter through which we approach the past. Peekaboo Presents’ playful nature invites us all—whatever our age—to share in the joy of opening the gifts that wait for us.