Favorite Things: BookCourt

Night & Day Studios' Sara Berliner shares one of her favorite things.

I adore my local bookstore. BookCourt is a neighborhood institution, serving Brooklyn for over 30 years. It's a place that makes me hopeful for the future of the printed word, of reading for edification and pleasure, of storytelling as a public and private and multi-splendored, and necessary, human activity. I go there for something specific and end up with a bag full of discoveries, the happiest wallet-opening of my week. 

Throughout childhood I visited my uncle's Foundry Bookstore in New Haven, CT. The Foundry was on the garden level of an old New England building along Whitney Avenue and they were booksellers. By that I mean Uncle Henry and his staff weren't just stocking shelves with the latest best sellers. They got to know their customers, they read voraciously, and they made pitch-perfect recommendations. They sold books. When chain stores opened and dented their business, they persevered for customers who relied on the Foundry to match them with experiences in a way no website's algorithm could replicate.

And so BookCourt. This is a family-run store that expanded in the middle of a recession, has a huge roster of readings and events, and seems more successful than ever, even with a two-story corporate bookstore down the street. I'm lucky to live in a city that can sustain such an enterprise. And I'm honored by their support of customers' projects. Seeing our Peekaboo Barn board book in the front window is a thrill.

Peek Book Court.jpg