Favorite Things: Santa Cruz Skateboard

Our Graphic Designer, Alan Wasem shares one of his favorite things:

One of my favorite things is my skateboard; there have been many throughout the years but this is the one true gem. This Santa Cruz board comes in left or right foot, and has a great shape and graphic. Skateboarding is one of my favorite things because it makes you push your own limits—there are no coaches or teammates depending on you. It is not structured like traditional sports, where there are set practices and game times; once you have the board it is free, where ever and when ever, and it begs you to learn more, to make it unique and personal.

I love how there is no right or wrong way to do it, it can be sport, exercise or just a mode of transportation. It makes you examine the world in a different way, always looking around each corner for a new spot. Skateboarding helps you see the world as a playground, and with a little imagination you can re-purpose just about anything into a fun new obstacle or game.