Peekaboo World Tour: Fridge

In celebration of our first book's publication, the board book version of "Peekaboo Barn", we're taking a tour through other apps in our Peekaboo series. First up: a tribute to "Peekaboo Fridge" from our own Sara Berliner.

When my son was two his favorite toy was the refrigerator. No wonder: a fridge is a sensory playground for a toddler. A huge door to muscle open, a light that pops on, a blast of cold air, and inside, a riot of colorful objects in every imaginable shape. He would pull drawers open, climb the shelves, nab the ketchup, and complain when I tried to move him on to another activity. You can't teach energy conservation to a two-year-old!

So I was delighted when Night & Day released the "Peekaboo Fridge" app. Finally, I thought, a digital substitute where it's absolutely warranted. And one much more charming than my kitchen: a 1950s cat clock, cheese with a mustache, a banana in high heels and lipstick? A dance party under a disco ball before the eggs (wearing glasses, of course) fall asleep back-to-back? The analog version can't compete. My electricity bill thanks you, Night & Day!