Happy Thanksgiving

This has been a year of turmoil: disease outbreaks, new terror threats, and riots in our streets. It’s easy to feel afraid or uncertain, like the whole world is at sixes and nines. Maybe it is.

That is the very reason we love Thanksgiving; it offers us a space to take a breath, to sit around a table with people we love and refocus our attention. Often it is easy to see the things that are wrong: the car won’t start, the retirement account is too thin, the boss is cold. Right now we have an opportunity to look our friends and family members in the eye, to be grateful for the love that we get and the love we are able to give. It’s a privilege.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and hope you will hold someone’s hand, or kiss someone on the forehead, or simply tell someone you love them. That’s what we plan to do, and the world needs a bit more of that right now.