On Super Friends

Last week we featured our DC Super Friends: Stickers with Sounds app for #Throwback Thursday. To follow up,  staff writer Chris Wrenn shares some of the reasons he loves the cartoon.

There are a lot of things to like about the Super Friends cartoon: the animation, the swelling music, the voiceovers, and the hilarious exposition. Also, I love how preposterous some of the story lines are (a giant radioactive Wonder Woman, the Balloon People, or the team fighting against living trees?) and the way the show treats them as totally pedestrian and expected. 

There is something just beneath the surface that I like most though; Super Friends reminds us to be a little easier on ourselves, to be quicker to forgive our own shortcomings. Each member of the original cast has a limitation: Superman's power is lost when he is exposed to kryptonite, Aquaman isn't much help on land, Batman is just a brawler without his utility belt, and in early incarnations Wonder Woman is rendered helpless if her hands are tied by a man.

My point is this: even some of the greatest heroes in comic myth had to rely on their friends sometimes in order to get by.  

We all have our own limitations and it's easy to obsess on them, to beat ourselves up over what we can't do. The Super Friends challenges us to think of our lives as an ensemble cast, and to remember that it is okay to need to lean on our friends sometimes. On the show, it's common to see Superman carry Batman through the air because he can't fly, or to see Aquaman getting a lift in the invisible jet.

That's what friends do, and friends are pretty super.