Peekaboo Barn Halloween Masks


Fiends, zombies, goblin-men: lend us your ears! And we will hang masks upon them. (Zombies, please note, we do not actually want your ears.)

We have put in supernatural effort to convert some of our favorite Peekaboo Barn & Farm Day characters into printable, wearable face masks. They will generally fit both children and grownups alike, and we set up special instructions for how to put them together. Have fun!

We welcome comments on our Facebook page, as always. If there's someone you think we missed, let us know. (Although some didn't work out because currently their best images are in profile, such as the duck and llama—sorry Tommy!)

Please note that ghosts cannot wear masks (they fall right through).

Androids, please note that Farm Day is now available on Amazon Kindle devices too. Let the farm rumpus start!

Download mask instructions

Download the cow mask

Download the pig mask

Download the cat mask

Download the dog mask

Download the donkey mask

Download the owl mask