#Throwback: Little Red Wagon

In the years we've been making apps for kids, we've made a lot of good friends who are also committed to creating carefully crafted products that promote positive learning, and one of our favorites is our Portland neighbor Cat Doorman. As part of this week's Celebration Sale, we're offering our collaboration, Cat Doorman's Little Red Wagon, as part of a new Good Food bundle with two other food apps we love.

Cat Doorman's Little Red Wagon is an adventure game and musical songbook in one, where children discover hidden animations and delightful characters as they make their way to a picnic. We love how this game allows children to choose the instruments they hear: a piano, a guitar, or a full band, and follow along with the notes as they unfold. The hundreds of illustrations were hand-drawn on textured paper, creating a book-like quality on the screen. Cat Doorman's Little Red Wagon is a new take on an old fashioned experience, combining the interactive opportunities of digital animation with the timeless joy of exploring a book.