Peekaboo Barn

Friendly farm animals waiting to pop out and delight little ones... Read all about it here!

Peekaboo Barn: Farm Day

A whole new way to play with your favorite barnyard friends! This nurturing game lets kids ages 3-6 interact with the beloved animals of Peekaboo Barn: milk the cow, shear the sheep, and feed the pig and chicken. Boys and girls will love scrubbing the dirty animals and petting their barnyard buddies to sleep at night.


Sesame Beginnings

Build vocabulary skills with your favorite friends from Sesame Street!

NOTE: Peekaboo Sesame Street, also known as Sesame Beginnings, is temporarily unavailable for purchase. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!



Peekaboo Fridge

Discover fruits, veggies and other delicious, healthy treats.


Peekaboo Forest

Uncover different forest creatures drawn by Charley Harper!


Encourages healthy eating of fruits & veggies from all colors of the rainbow.



Dive into the Octonauts underwater adventure and explore the amazing world that lives under the sea!

Lemon Lumberjack's Letter Mill

Join Lloyd, the Lemon Lumberjack, and his letter-loving friends in this spectacular spelling adventure!

BabyLit Jungle Book Hide & Seek

Explore a beautiful, virtual jungle and see what animals you discover with BabyLit Jungle Book Hide & Seek.