The Questions
A tool for insight into your relationships,
your partner, or dating in general.
Should you open your heart?
Ask The Questions to find out!

Have a crush and trying to devise your next move? Trying to choose between two potential lovers?  Wondering if right now is the best time to move in together?  Contemplating a big break or divorce?  Put your pros and cons list aside and pick up The Questions app.  You will have a therapist’s personal insight at your fingertips, without the weekly bill!

The Questions app is perhaps best described as a smarter, more comprehensive version of your average “love quiz.”  It is based on a deck of cards and companion book created by psychologist, Dr. Elsbeth Martindale. She made it for her patients who were dealing with a variety of issues: newly dating, newly single, contemplating divorce, pregnancy, getting engaged, or moving in together.

The Questions app guides you through 76 powerful questions that start fairly general and gradually get more in-depth. With each question the user chooses whether their answer is positive, negative, or “unsure”. If you’re stumped or hit a particularly relevant topic, you can flip the card over to find a list of extended questions, that will help you further explore the issue. You can flag areas of concern, and stop a session at any point. At the end of each session you can have a look back at the review: how many positive vs. negative answers you had and how many times you were unsure- highlighting which issues need further exploration. You can also save your sessions in order to compare your past answers with your current ones.  The Questions app is a must have for anyone who wants to go deeper with a friend, lover, or partner. Use it to refine your priorities and to discover the truth that you’ve been seeking.

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