Your favorite Richard Scarry Busytown characters are hard at work behind the elevator doors - who will appear next? 

An elevator inside an office building opens to reveal your favorite Busytown characters demonstrating different types of jobs. Catch a Carpenter hammering, a Doctor listening to Huckle’s heartbeat, and a Dancer’s arabesque! Younger children will love playing peekaboo with these busy worker-bees, as they familiarize themselves with the names, sounds, and actions of each profession. Older kids will have fun trying to guess who will appear next when the doors open, work on spelling, and discuss who they want to be when they grow up. 


Children across the world have loved Richard Scarry’s books since they were first published in the 1960’s. Busytown’s magic is rooted in its ability to explain how things work and open up the adult world to kids-- in a way they can relate to and understand. Here in Peekaboo People, Scarry’s characters come to life to teach your child about a variety of professions. Staying true to the artistic style of Busytown these animated characters were hand-drawn and colored based off Scarry’s original illustrations.



  • A rotating cast of 13 different Busytown characters demonstrating different jobs are waiting behind elevator doors to surprise your little ones.
  • Choose from our cute 4 year old child narrator or the adult voice, for a clearer and correct pronunciation
  • Original music and fun sound effects that correspond with the characters actions 
  • Hear and see the words repeated for each item, helping children both learn to say and spell the name
  • Lowly Worm pops up randomly in the elevator.  Have fun spotting this wiggly worm with your kiddos
  • Select looped mode for endless play or storybook mode- which ends with all the characters going home to sleep- perfect for bedtime!