Who will be behind the refrigerator door when it opens? Find a new fruit, vegetable, or other delicious, healthy treat! Kids will learn the name of the item, watch it say hello, and dance along to the full fridge disco party that concludes the game.



  • Choose a cute child's voice to help kids learn the name of the objects in the fridge, or choose the adult's voice to list the fruits  and veggies for perfect pronunciation.

  • 13 fruits, veggies, and other whole foods are waiting to surprise your little one, in a different order each time.
  • Fun, original music at the end encourages kids to get up and dance with the characters in the fridge!
  • Kids hear and see the words repeated for each item, helping them learn to say and spell the foods.
  • Choose looped mode for endless play or storybook mode - which ends with the characters going to sleep, perfect for bedtime!